Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Entrepreneur's Guide to the Galaxy

Business 2.0 focuses on stellar space investments in a series of articles found in its March 2006 issue. These stories are among the most succinct and insightful we've seen about space and private industry. Highlights include:

"Prepare for liftoff: The space business may be the most incredible new opportunity of your lifetime"

"To land humans on the Red Planet, NASA will need new equipment, fresh thinking, and advanced technology. These companies are preparing for mankind's next giant leap."


Blogger JackKennedy said...

New Mexico is on the cutting-edge of commercial tourism spaceport development. The leadership provided by The New Mexico Space Alliance over the past decade and Governor Bill Richardson the past two years+ will put Sierra County, Southern New Mexico, and all the state at the very forefront of innovation and the new industry.

Hope you might link to sites in particular:


My best to Secretary Rick Homas on a fine job!

9:40 AM  

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